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Introducing our most luxurious chairs yet. Our brand new NAPA Series features the premium Napa leather used by top-end boutique bags and luxury car seats. Made from a select cut of calf leather that is incredibly soft, smooth, and durable, Napa leather is the perfect upholstery for exceptional comfort and class.

The OMEGA NAPA retains all the features and improvements found in our OMEGA 2018, yet takes it to a new level of “premium”. The Wine Red variant features a classic pairing of deep red and cream Napa leather, while the Navy Blue variant combines dark blue Napa leather and black suede for a luxurious seating experience.

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Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Secretlab NAPA Leather

Napa leather is the pinnacle of luxury upholstery that is highly sought after and used in luxury automotive and boutique bags. It is best known for being incredibly soft, smooth, and durable.

Our cut of Napa leather is exceptionally cool to the touch and breathable, making it the ultimate upholstery for its class of comfort. It’s almost addictive to touch by itself.

Paired with our signature high-density cold-cured foam, the NAPA series provides a heavenly sitting experience reserved for those who make zero compromise when it comes to comfort.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Top Quality Build & Ergonomic Design

The upgraded OMEGA isn’t just built to be better looking; the positioning of the backrest wings is now lower and more prominent—designed to reduce stress to your shoulders and back.

Our chairs are inspired by car racing seats — designed to conform to the human body shape in order to provide advanced lateral support and weight distribution. We apply that same concept to accommodate long hours of usage in front of the computer.

Each chair spawns from quality core materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Secretlab 4D Armrests

The updated armrests are more spacious and ergonomic, with a slight concave down its length for users to more easily anchor their arms while at work or play.

Designed to be extremely adjustable – left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down – there will be a configuration that suits your preference.

We have also coated the armrest with PU that is soft to touch yet retains the finishing properties required for a good grip.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Velour Pillows

Our chairs come packaged with our specially-designed head and lumbar pillows.

The head pillow is made of soft stretch cotton, while our brand new velour memory foam lumbar pillows are larger, and now made of memory foam. They are also more contoured and shaped to perfectly support the arch of your spine while sitting in the OMEGA.

Both pillows are covered with a luxurious velvet velour.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Class 4 Hydraulics

The length of our Class 4 hydraulic pistons—best in the class in consistency, stability and safety—is updated to cater to a wider range of users’ heights. This allows you to keep your feet planted on the floor, preventing dangling feet which may reduce blood circulation to your lower body.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Maxed-out Ergonomics

The upgraded OMEGA contains an even thicker layer of cold-cure foam to provide extreme cushioning and support.

The overall shape of the chair wraps more fittingly for most people, providing better ergonomic support.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Full-length Backrest Recline

Ergonomic support is not the only function of the full-length backrest. Should you feel tired at the desk, the backrest can be reclined backwards all the way, perfect for taking a nap or watching your favorite videos in a comfortable position.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism

The multi-functional tilt mechanism gives you full control over the suspension of the chair. This means you can lock the OMEGA while tilting the chair back at your desired angle, allowing you to constantly alter your seating position to whichever suits you the best.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

Aluminium Base

Constructed to be perfectly balanced, our aluminium wheel bases provide both impeccable stability and strength. We utilize a special aluminium mix, making it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust, and reinforced it with ribs and gussets to amplify strength while reducing weight.

Secretlab OMEGA NAPA

XL P.U. Casters

Our XL casters are larger than our standard casters, enabling even smoother gliding, increased sturdiness and durability. The PU rubber coating is friendly towards most kinds of surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Unmatchable comfort

The chair is absolutely marvelous, I've never owned a gaming chair before but I doubt there'd be many who could match with, if there's any feed back at all, is that I'd perhaps like it to have something to make it so it doesn't spin around quite as much, as much as it can be fun, sometimes it's so smooth it feels like the tinidiest nudge will make it spin all around, still it's very minor issue.

Hi Christopher, thank you for the kind review and the feedback. We're very humbled to hear that you are enjoying your chair and we wish you many, many comfortable hours in your new Secretlab chair!
Best chair I've ever owned, hands down

This is the nicest chair I've ever purchased--in the past I've used $200-300 office chairs with "pleather," and my last chair, which I'd had for 5 years or so, had begun peeling and shedding fake leather bits, so a chair made of real leather was a priority for me this time around, and my new Secretlab Titan Napa does not disappoint!

Chair arrived fast, in a large, professionally packed box with easy assembly. When I first sat down in it, I thought I'd made a huge mistake, as the chair was a bit firmer than I expected. Within a week, I wasn't sure how I could ever sit in any other chair. This is hands down the most comfortable, adjustable, and handsome chair I've ever owned. The arm rests are the perfect width of grippy rubberized stuff, with just enough smooshiness to keep your elbows comfortable, and a nice subtle divot inwards to keep your elbows from the edge (on my old chair, the arm rests were so thin they ended up sticking in between my elbow and funny bone and making my arms go numb, so I had to remove them).

The butt part of the chair that does most of the sitting work is plenty wide and deep, so that my derriere is comfortably supported, without feeling cramped or wedged into it. I am 6'1" and about 235 lbs., with unusually wide hips for a man, so I sometimes get the feeling in smaller chairs that I'm wearing the chair rather than sitting it. Not so with this chair. The feeling of the napa leather is incredibly smooth, as part of the process of curing it appears to be sanding down the grain, so that you get really smooth, soft leather. The color contrasts nicely with the black suede on the sides of the chair cushion and back, and the polyurethane black leather on the back of the chair (no worries about longevity there as I don't really come into contact with that part of the chair when sitting in it). The casters and five-point base are awesome--the black aluminum is really smooth all the way around--no sharp points or edges to strike your bare fe...

Hello Landon, thank you for the amazing review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our Secretlab chairs!
Working and Playing in Luxury

The same feeling as sitting into a new car with a luxury interior. They feel so sturdy and comfortable at the same time. We love them!

Thank you for the kind words Mark! We will continue to make sure our chairs do right by you and all our Secretlab users.
Titan Napa Review

I'm very impressed with the Napa version of the Titan! This was my first chair from Secret Lab, but I've gone through a LOT of office chairs in the past. Though the Titan initially feels much harder to sit on, it actually has far superior lumbar support which is exactly what I was looking for (with my last chair, you'd sink right in). I'm 5'11" and this chair fits me very well... just a little bigger than I need but comfortable and highly adjustable.

Hi Brian, thank you for the kind review. We're very humbled to hear that you are enjoying your chair and we wish you many, many comfortable hours in your new Secretlab chair!
Best Chair for Gamers

After going through a ton of cheap chairs, I decided to invest in my first Omega chair and I've never looked back. I've passed down the old Omega chair and upgraded to the Omega Napa. All I can say is, the premium leather and feel is absolutely worth the splurge. I have no doubt that the Omega Napa will last me for years to come.

Hi Nicolas, thank you for the kind review. We're very humbled to hear that you are enjoying your chair and we wish you many, many comfortable hours in your new Secretlab chair!