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Superb Chair for gamers, students, and content creators.

A few months ago I was struggling to sit for long periods of time on a basic computer chair I bought on Amazon. I'm a student at Berkeley completing two degrees in the liberal arts, which means I have to sit for long periods of time every single day. I decided to upgrade my chair because no matter how many pillows I used, I was getting up from my chair feeling exhausted and sore after about 20 minutes of typing. Secretlab is the only company found that sold a chair that fit my height and weight-- 6'0, 182lbs--comfortably without breaking the bank, and with addition of serious style.

The Titan is the best chair I have ever sat in. It feels rugged and supportive, keeping my body in a healthy posture, while remaining just plush enough to feel 'comfy' enough to sleep in. The Titan by no means resembles a couch. In fact, when I first sat on it I was surprised at how hard it was. If you plop down on it you'll almost bounce. There is no sinking in to this chair. I was skeptical of this, since it seemed counterintuitive for a chair to be comfortable for long period when it was less soft that my basic Amazon chair. Ten minutes into sitting in it, however (and it does feel like sitting in as opposed to on) I realized this chair was everything I don't know my back needed. On average, I can sit two hours straight without any pain or discomfort. And by then my mind is more tired than my body.

I do a lot of console and PC gaming in this chair, and I have to say the one regretful part about owning the Titan is how it enables me to play far longer hours than I should be. When my brothers are in town, they both want the chair since it's now clear that to sit on any other surface in the house is to be at a serious disadvantage. Seriously, it's that good. Personally, I havent owned any other high end gaming chairs , so I cant compare the 'experience' to other chairs. But, I own a Purple mattress, pillow, and seat cushion and a Top Sellerie seat for my motorcycle, all which ...

Excellent chair at this price!

I received my chair in May, and I've waited six months before writing this review, so that I can fairly judge my personal experience with the Titan. As a computer technician, gamer, streamer, and VO personality, I find myself spending MANY hours a day in my chair. Here's what I've decided:

The Titan has been an incredible chair for me from day one. I am a large fellow (6 foot, 275 Lbs.), and I can honestly say that this is the best and most comfortable chair I've ever found in the under $500 range. Having had a major spinal surgery a few years ago, I take my chairs very seriously these days. To that point, the built-in lumbar support is a welcome addition on this model, and it has a big range of firmness adjustment via the lumbar knob, The back is high enough for me to actually rest my head on it without flopping over the top, again a welcome design element.

The seat-pan is extra wide, as well as generously deep, important considerations for the larger gamer. The seat is on the firmer side, which can take some time to adjust to if you are used to cheaper, "cushy" gaming or office chairs. However, this is due to the higher quality foam used in SecretLab chairs which will retain their shape and elasticity for many years longer then cheaper, softer alternatives. Low quality chairs' foam will become "flat" in a short time, leaving you sitting on a thin piece of upholstery on top of a hard piece of wood, especially if you're a large person.

Even given my large size, I can literally set the seat-pan and the backrest each all the way back (which is very nearly 180-degreeds flat!) without fear of toppling over backwards thanks to the wide base and excellent casters. I really can't over-state the casters on this chair, truly top-notch stuff there. Here's a good point to mention the all-steel frame, which will last much longer than cheaper, wood-bottomed office chairs.

I'll admit, he "memory foam" pillow seemed like a silly addition when I was looking at the ch...


there is not a thing i would change about the delivery or the chair itself keep up the great work secretlabs!

Best Gaming Chair Ever!!

Was pondering to get the Titan for a long while as the price was quite high. It took me a few months to save up and bought my dream chair. Even though I am bigger in size, there is no sign of sunken foam on chair and as comfortable as brand new. No regrets buying and after using for a year now.

Expected greatness, Received greatness!

(3 months of use) I use my computer a very large majority of the day when it comes to computer games or school, its always comfortable. I normally cover it with a blanket so it can stay more fresh in the long run of having this amazing chair. (messy room haha) Also question for secret lab if i were to get rid of the folds on my seat how would i do that? and before people see this and are upset that the leather folds its because of my sitting posture it ended up folding over time. My fault not secret labs fault

Thanks for your kind words and support, Eduard. Do write in to our support team at and we'll make sure to assist you with this. Looking forward to hearing from you!